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MIMK-040 AIKA Nanase Otoha The World Of Reversed Virtue Censored JAV Xdaddy


The World Of Reversed Virtue – AIKA, Nanase Otoha

The world of reverse virtues goes like this = Women have the libido of Man, Man has the libido of women. Plus the shyness, habits, and way of thinking.

I really must stress this because MIMK-040 goes to surprising efforts on this matter. Examples =

  • Girls masturbate to porn magazines,  and the men find that disgusting.
  • Girls pay to man for them to prostitute themselves up.
  • Girls prematurely ejaculate and find that humiliating, thinking of themselves as losers.
  • Girls admire (and almost idolize) the man. Thinking of them as “too hard to get”.

However, our good dude Hashimoto has somehow fallen in this world, and he is still preserving his real manly libido. So he starts to take advantage of this newfound situation. He approaches AIKA and offers to whore himself up to her for 3000 yens. AIKA can hardly believe her good luck and immediately accepts the offer.

Gotta say AIKA did a really memorable job. Pre-surgery AIKA looks really hot and will be remembered for videos like this one.

The second girl is Otoha Nanase, and she does an equally good job. She is so effin’ hilarious, pretending to be so nervous while speaking to man.

The Japanese manga is called “貞操逆転世界” unless I’m wrong.

Movie Information:

ID Code: MIMK-040
Category: 1080p, English subbed JAV, HD, JAV
Tags: Creampie, Dirty Words, Original Collaboration, School Girls, Training, virgin
Actress: Aika, Hazuki Nanase
Studio Label: MIMK

Date: May 25, 2022
Actors: Aika / Nanase Otoha

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