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Asian Sex Diary Yangon Burmese Model OCTOBER 16 2020 Xdaddy


Asian Sex Directory Yangon OCTOBER 16 2020 Xdaddy ( )

Dear Diary – I had my date with the 19yo Burmese girl named Zin today. She already looked very cute, in her pictures, so I was really excited. We agreed to meet at the only KFC in town and when I arrived, she was already waiting for me on the second floor! Zin was even cuter in real life than she was in the pics. A really typical local Burmese sex appealing beauty. Turns out that she does modelling work to pay for her studies. I was not surprised. She was all ready for a shoot, with make-up on and a nice dress. As Zin agreed yesterday to do a shoot in my room, we kept our meeting in the KFC short. I was honestly so horny and just wanted to fuck her hard, so off to my room where we started to do a shoot!

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